First Festival


Sacramento's grass roots music festival

Play First Fest 2018

Submissions open on September 1st, 2017. 



Please read the below information
before applying to play:

1. Have recorded music that is easily accessible. Provide a direct link to your recorded music. Have more than 1 or 2 songs available. 

2. Have active social media accounts. We want to see that you promo your shows. 

3. Conduct yourself professionally as a band. Be respectful with your posts. First Fest is a family friendly event with a positive image. We align ourselves with bands who share a common mission of being friendly, respectful, and inclusive. 

4. Be prepared to respond to your emails at least on a weekly basis if you are invited to participate. 

5. Have a professional-looking promo photo readily available. Something clear and clean. A good example of this can be found here and here

6. Have a professional stage plot available. Something digitally created. A good example can be found here

7. Do not message the Facebook page to convince us why you should play. We promise that we listen to every single submission and give everyone our full attention if they submit. You don't need to be pushy to be considered. You can email us to follow up on your application or check in. 

8. If your band is not selected, please do not take it personally. It is a very difficult process to choose the lineup. We have a great deal of respect for all musicians in Sacramento. There are many factors that go into choosing the lineup in order to create a lineup that reflects the current Sacramento music scene as a whole.  If you aren't chosen, we hope that you come out and support the scene anyway. We want you there to celebrate with us! 

9. If you are accepted to play, please be aware that you do not get to choose your time slot or stage. Be prepared to accept an opening time slot. If you are not willing to play an opening time slot, then do not apply. 

if you have played first fest before:

1. This year in particular, we will be giving first priority to those bands who have never played First Fest. 

2. If your band is invited to play again in 2018 and your band played a closing time slot, please be mindful that we will shift your band to an earlier time slot. This is so that we can give other bands a chance to have the coveted closing time slots. If you have played First Fest before and are not willing to play an opening time slot, then please do not apply. 

3. If you've ever played First Fest, then you know that it feels like being part of a family. If you aren't invited to play again, please know that you are still part of the family forever! In fact, we made a page dedicated to you. Check it out here


When available, the application
can be found on this page.