First Festival


Sacramento's grass roots music festival



Sarah Marie Hawkins

Sarah Marie Hawkins is a photographer and ink illustrator living in northern California. In addition to photography and illustration, Sarah is the founder of Menagerie Sacramento, an art organization based out of Sacramento, CA that specializes in pop-up art shows featuring local artists. Most recently Sarah took place in M5 Arts' ArtStreet debuting her project, Faceless which provides a voice for survivors of sexual assault and rape. 

Sarah's "Faceless" project will be on display in a modified, smaller version at First Festival. (18+ exhibit)


This piece was on display at ART STREET.

Kainan Becker

Kainan Becker is a artist from northern CA experimenting with mixed mediums striving to capture human emotion. By tearing at his blank canvas with a brush or what ever instrument fits his need. He finds a place between chaos and control, allowing his voice to be heard. Each original piece, be it on canvas, found wood, metal, or a old window or door, reflects the triumph of a soul finding release through startling deep, vibrant color. Each image is filled with passion, raw and visceral, brought to life by the workings of a creative mind, heart, and hands. Sometimes sad and brutal, with dark yearnings. Sometimes vibrant and light, filled with hope and longing. Often crushing with despair or filled with mystery and secret glimmers of magic, in every piece, even the most personal and painful, there is a golden thread of triumph. The triumph of a soul being set free. Through art, he offers you a glimpse into his depths, his dreams and emotions. Each piece is a offering to share with you a piece of his self and an invitation to experience the hidden poetry that resides within your soul.


This piece was on display at ART STREET. 

Kylie Jackson

Kylie Jackson's contemporary abstract ink and paper
work is an experiment in process and application using unorthodox
materials to produce black and white minimalist pieces.Her
installation work features mirrors and dismembered mannequins bathed
in harsh, fluorescent light merges Warhol's Silver Factory with a raw,
post-punk, 1980's ideal. Whether the medium is video, light, glass, or ink, the recurring themes of nostalgia, detachment, and experimentation are staples of her continually evolving oeuvre.



These pieces were on display at ART STREET. 

Robert Jew

I was born and raised in New York City. After spending too much time on the mean streets of The City, my parents moved the family to Oakland, Ca., then to Dublin, Ca. and finally back to Oakland again. I attended Oakland High School, then to the College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland and then the Art Institute of San Francisco. After school, I realized I had no skills for making a living, but luckily a friend I went to school with opened a graphics company and hired me as a trainee where I worked for about 5 years. After that, I met the manager of the Collector's Gallery at the Oakland Museum and produced graphics and photography for them as well as the museum. I created the first digital photography studio in the museum to photograph their collection. While at the museum, I met my first patron who was interested in creating a restaurant in Mexico. My stay in Mexico lasted 10 years, where I created photography and graphics for the restaurant as well as did several photography series. The work I am submitting to this show is street photography from my time there.


This piece was on display at ART STREET. 

Daniel Tran

Heather Hogan.png


“Wouldn’t it be funny if…” is how most of my projects start. If you have a vivid dream about a pancake doing something that pancakes don’t do – you will think differently about your breakfast. When your perception shifts, it might make you chuckle, or perhaps, reconsider your opinion.” Through collage, printmaking, cyanotype, ink and paint, Heather assembles stories and memories in her compositions. Her work aims to amuse, delight through themes of motherhood, modern life, and the complexities of choice.

Linda Whiteman

Linda Whiteman is a Sacramento based artist who has been drawing, painting, sewing, and sculpting since childhood. Once she hit high school, she began lessons in ceramics and always led towards more unconventional forms of creation, and even had various pieces featured at the Del Paso Blvd. Art Gallery, and by college, was experimenting with metal casting and sculptures alongside ceramics. She also has extensive experience in other artistic mediums, such as costuming, hairdressing, wig making, seamstress work, and spent 11 years in trauma, doing makeup for projects like Every 15 Minutes. Her influences include Da Vinci, nature, and humans as a whole. Past features of her work include Zugh Life (October 2011), Starbucks on 39th and J St. (December 2013), Red Door Art Studio 2016-2017) and is soon to be featured at both locations of the Ambrosia Cafe from May to July, 2017. Currently, she works as an independent contractor for Futures Films and is also a special effects and makeup artist for independent films throughout California. She has worked with actors like Eric Roberts, R Marcos Taylor, and Rochelle Oshana.


Sandy Whetstone

My name is Sandy Whetstone. I am a local, Sacramento artist. I am primarily a ceramic sculptor, but am also a painter, printmaker, fiber artist, and have worked in bronze. To view examples of my work, go to my Instagram page @whetstone_art or on my Facebook page. I currently have work at the Crocker Art Museum Store, the Sparrow Gallery and the Tim Collom Gallery. I am also an adjunct professor of English as a Second Language at Sacramento City College.


Sunya Whitelight

Sunya lives and works in Northern California. She has a passion for education, having taught art for many years alongside her own creative pursuits. Engagement through interaction and play is a strong thread seen in her installations for events and festivals. She’s always seeking new ways to communicate visually and to broad audiences of all ages, specifically through elements in nature and the juxtapositions of materials, such as steel and silk, wood and metal. She loves to play with possibilities, especially in the use of materials; creating unique textures, patterns, vibrant colors, and larger-than-life creations.

Portrait wide 640 pix..jpeg

Tammy Helenske

Tammy Helenske is a Sacramento artist. She received a Bachelor's degree in studio art at California State University of Sacramento.  She is currently pursuing a master's degree in art. Her installation art projects blend new media, sound, lighting, sculpture, performance and social practice which is often staged in a gallery or in an outdoor environment. Her pieces are often philosophical, thematic, interactive installations that evolve around a multi-layered concept.   Viewer participation can be an integral part of the work.


Lopan & Ernie Fresh

We grew up painting together doing graffiti art since the mid 90's . We combine anime & graffiti art styles to make our imagery mixing spray paint & brush painting techniques . We painted the surfside underwater muraI in the Target parking lot off of Broadway & were featured artists at the Art Street project last February . I (Lopan) have done art for various music artists, events & festivals over the years , most notably : Bassnectar , Thievery Corporation , Dj Shadow, Pretty Lights ,The Bounce Festival & more . Ernie Fresh is the mc from popular local hip hop group Who Cares & is featured on the new Dj Shadow album "the Mountain Will Fall" . We are also graffiti painters for Redbull. 


Jennifer Marquez

Jennifer Marquez is a photographer and visual artist who lives and works in Sacramento, California. She has explored many artistic mediums throughout the years but has focused mostly on photography, a passion she developed at the age of 12.  Her work is focused on documenting the people and other beauty around her. 


Garrett Wildgust

Sacramento native, Garrett Wildgust, introduces you to his newest outlet of artistic expression. As a local musician, Garrett channels his energy creating an emotional experience for his audience through song and lyric. While in the middle of a musical hiatus, Garrett now wishes to invoke the same experience with his viewers through a more tangible art. As in every aspect of his history, Garrett is self taught, so his inspirations are constantly evolving. Using a variety of different wood either donated and foraged, he uses his imagination to let the viewer see things that have never been build out of scrap wood. He uses the energy stored in each found piece to create completely new reality for the viewer to enjoy. Garrett wants to help you experience the emotional journey and know that anything is possible.