First Festival


Sacramento's grass roots music festival



Super Ugly

Super Ugly is a monstrous creature, stuffed to the rafters with cartoon escapades and sci-fi adventures. Never filling a blank space without a purpose, each story is told with a collection of odd shaped creatures and spacemen who make bad life choices. Life is not pretty, art should reflect the ugly inside all of us, which makes us the unique characters in our own movie... Super Ugly does that by painting his way through the mundane lives of those who exist right on the fringe of “normal”, letting the strange speak through his work.


Susan Silvester

In 2010, after receiving her MA in painting from Sac State, Susan Silvester started showing her artwork in galleries across Northern California. Susan also has created over the past few years several public art pieces - notably, she was one of the artist selected for the Power Inn Dumpster project and most recently created augmented reality animated pieces for the M5 Art Street Project. She is presently an artist-in-residence at the Verge Center for the Arts. Susan has taught art classes as an adjunct Professor at several colleges. Her work background includes being a graphic/web designer and animator, where she created digital artwork for PC games and Educational CD-Roms. She has also worked as a model maker on numerous television and movie projects. Examples include the Pillsbury Dough Boy, Teddy Grahams, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, and 2 Imax movies, Santa and the Snowmen and the Back to the Future Ride.


Alexandra Cutis aka Gowest

Alexandra aka Gowest was born a Greek-American in London & moved to Japan at 16. This odd mashup of cultures created a sense of style that was as eclectic as it was rebellious and led to pieces in many different mediums that were intended to make the viewer search for meaning. Alexandra found her "heart home" in Sacramento: falling for the warm, open diversity of people, nature that easily intertwined with city blocks & art projects and weather that was nothing like England ;) Upon the request of a friend she started hosting "Art Nites" out of a tiny studio that later turned into art parties & art gatherings where participants would get together & work on a group piece until it was done...with a little encouragement and add-ons from Alexandra. The results were stunning & unique every time. Alexandra has been honing this type of "group art" for 3 years now and loves the creative challenge that comes with each piece.


Angelica Newby aka Maiz

Angelica Newby (aka Maiz) is an Alumni of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale class of 2009, has decided to dust off the old portfolio and showcase their many abstract designs.

About their piece: These pieces are drawn by hand, using fine point drawing pens and are mirrored in Photoshop to create more of a complete image. They are themed around the idea of a controlled yet sporadic flow of lines and just organic movement of ink. A number of people see images within these lines when looked at closely and even at a glance. So i decided to peg my work as an idea of a modernized Rorschach Test. It is up to the viewer's own perception to determine what they can see in these images and what they are actually open to seeing; or were unaware of being there before. "


Athena Alber

Athena Alber is an expressionist painter born in Texas, but raised in Northern California. With no formal training, she has participated in over a dozen shows at various galleries and venues all around Sacramento. She hopes to obtain a solo show in the near future. Her paintings are mostly acrylic on canvas, focusing on abstracts and eccentric portraits. Athena's signature style consists of bright, saturated colors and multi-layered patterns and textures. Currently, Athena is exploring oil paints and creating new works for her upcoming summer shows.


Aurora Dalske

I am a local Sacramento artist. Born and raised here in Sacramento. The art that I have created here symbolizes different cultures and beliefs on an ethnographic level. The art of other cultures whether it is ancient or not, inspires me to create something that holds a deep symbolic meaning, sometimes opening my eyes and even my heart to be more accepting and sometimes more tolerant towards others. My collages usually consist of several materials like wood carvings, wire, tar, acrylics, found paper, screen-printing, clay, glass, and whatever I can find or make. Patterns and designs is something that is always incorporated into my art. Hoping I can get a little exposure with my art at First Festival this year.


Bruce Gossett

West Sacramento resident and artist Bruce Gossett is another one of those overnight sensations that has been more than 25 years in the making. Born at the close of the sixties, he has spent most of his life in California immersed in art and gearhead culture. A mostly self taught artist, Gossett has drawn from the world of graphic arts and sign painting more than anything else. A galaxy of pop art, surf & skate iconography, rods & customs, chopper culture, monster movies and surrealism swirls throughout his work. As well as painting he is a screen print artist and poster maker. At the start of the new century he started Black Cat press with his partner Ira Cowart, specializing in rock posters as well as tee shirt and poster art for the car show scene all over California. They have done work for Nashville Pussy, Throw Rag, Kings of Leon, T Model Ford and a host of others. Black Cat has become the preferred source of posters and tee shirt art for the underground car show scene in Nor Cal. In the end though it is to the easel and the brushes that Gossett is drawn and he puts in long hours painting. If he doesn’t answer the phone you can almost always find him in a swirl of cigarette smoke tucked away in his painting studio, scratching that itch that won’t go away.


Douglas Kleinsmith

Douglas Keliiheleua Kleinsmith is a visual artist based out of the Sacramento area, currently working as a freelance muralist and painter. He has exhibited his work in galleries such as Placer Arts, Solpurpose, and The Kennedy Gallery, and has completed over twenty-five murals throughout California. He has also received significant attention in the Transformational Festival Community, and has live painted and exhibited at over nine nationally recognized festivals such as Lightning in a Bottle, Sonic Bloom, and Lucidity. His personal work investigates the connections between visual perception and the human experience, through non-representational abstraction. His process involves a radical shift in thinking: focusing on the act of creating, rather than what is being created. Douglas uses the experience of painting in order to better understand the self, and uses art to provoke questions, hoping to help others do the same.


Elton (Itsactuallyelton)

Elton was born in Goa, the smallest state in India. At the age of 18 he moved to California, USA with a huge dream of being an artist. An artist who can express himself not only through conceptual art, which can touch hearts but also by singing. He attends American River College and plans on transferring to CSUS Sacramento and major in business. This is his first art piece. This piece was inspired by the saying s/he loves me, s/he loves me not. He says "we humans need to be united like different parts of the rose". He has already begun working on his next art piece.


Fiorella Lema

Fiorella Lema is a self identified queer latinx artivist and documentary filmmaker. Her work revolves around the experiences of people of color, queer identity, and femmes/womxn of color. She believes in using the power of visual art and media to uplift these marginalized communities and reclaim space and presence. She currently acts as an freelance artist/filmmaker and community organizer in the Sacramento Area.


A weirdo art kid who just managed to escape their bedroom.

Jason Dean

I have just recently moved to Sacramento from the Central Valley and I am eager to be a part of The art community. I received my Bachelor's degree in fine art from CSU Stanislaus and have been working as a ceramics instructor for the past decade. I have always loved expressing myself through art and creating narratives through human form using surrealistic techniques. Your theme of diversity and unity was a great match for my work which focuses on the rollercoaster of emotions that we experience as human beings. The emotions we feel and the life experiences we face are not bound by race, sex, or age. Love, pain, happiness, and sadness is what binds us together.

Jennifer Bannon

I am mostly a self-taught Artist. My joy and pleasure comes from trying to “figure out” how to capture, through technique, color, light, and shadow, that all-encompassing WOW factor of my subject. I love to challenge myself. Exploring theory and technique combined with a confident and organic style is my goal and I am always chasing it. I have created Art since I was very young. There was a large chunk of my adult life where I let is all slip away as I fought the battle with addiction. In recovery, the pleasure I get from making all kinds of Art is finally taking center stage as it always should have. Does not matter how long it takes, we are all Artists. To find it, nurture it, and honor it is an exhilarating life! My passion is bold color, striking light and sensuous shadow. Soliciting that WOW response from others is something I strive for – but mostly, I love it for myself. There are few fantastic feelings that compare to when I am in the flow of capturing the image the way I want, and no greater frustration when it is not flowing. Needless to say, I love every moment.

Jennifer Thang

Bay Area born and raised artist, Jennifer Thang, specializes in multiple visual art-related mediums ranging from acrylic painting to graphic design. In her youth, she worked primarily with physical mediums but as digital art programs and software emerged, she grew an interest for art as it pertains to the digital platform. Ultimately, Thang Cox decided to pursue her passion furthermore by seeking a career in graphic design. She went on to continue her passion for art at UC Davis, where she received a degree in Visual Communications with an emphasis in graphic design, and a degree in Technocultural Studies with an emphasis in film production. Though she produces artwork via digital means, the artist maintains her passion for physical mediums and continues to produce pieces using watercolors, oil paint, simple pen and paper, and more. Her artistic style can be described as streamline and clean, and her pieces range in from hyperrealistic to illustrative. Additionally, the artist tends to utilize bright and vibrant colors, which can be seen throughout her mixed media art pieces. The artist uses art as a form of emotional expression and as a means to meditate and self-reflect. Jennifer Thang currently works as a graphic and web designer and resides in West Sacramento.

Jesse Lambert

I am a young artist currently studying Art and Business at Sacramento City College. My art is influenced by my experiences with mental illness and I use my art as a way to communicate how this effects me. I am also Transgender and Queer, I also use my art as a way to explore my gender identity and sexuality.

erick jensen

Engaging imagination and transforming creativity is a unique gift that Erick Jensen possesses when it comes to working with metal or wood.  Although Erick has machine shop experience, it wasn't until he was asked to collaborate on a mirror project for a friends salon several years ago that he realized he had a natural talent for working with metal. With a passion for contemporary metal art, it became obvious to others that surrounded him, that he should be creating artsy mirrors combined with 3D. So, whether you're in the board room, or in entertaining in your Great Room, Erick's art will take you to a world of fantasy.

Jude Croxford

I was born of two hippies in the 70’s and was encouraged throughout my childhood to draw and be artistic. Influenced by sci-fi, fantasy, and comic books, I’ve been creating original work for as long as I can remember. During the 80’s I became very influenced by heavy metal, gothic/industrial and punk rock music. I was that kid that was constantly drawing the logos all over my books and painting band logos on my friends and my own clothing. The 90’s took me on a detour, battling drugs and alcohol (which would appear later in my work), while continuing to do art on the side, but never really completing anything significant. It wasn’t till the 2000’s when I became sober and embraced family life that I experienced a clear vision for what I wanted to do and dedicated my time to fine art, specifically Oil painting. I live in Sacramento CA and find influence and inspiration from the likes of Salvador Dali, Egon Schiele, H.R. Giger, and Alex Grey painting social/political surrealistic scenes drawing from my personal life experiences. In 2015 I obtained a certificate of illustration at American River College, Sacramento CA.

Julie Okahara

I have lived in Sacramento area for over 10 years, but I was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. After graduating from Osaka Industrial Arts High School, I started my career as a graphic designer. Wanting to further my studies in studio art, I came to California in 2005. I mainly work in acrylic with mixed media, and watercolor and ink. My style is influenced by Japanese and American pop art culture, so it would be perfect fit for the theme "Unity in Diversity." Through out my work, I express hope and friendships within oddness, and loneliness. I have always felt like a misfit wherever I go, looking for someone to deeply connect with, trying to find my spot. I haven't found my unity yet, but I'm not giving up! So the pieces I'm submitting to this pop up gallery are expressing those journeys to unity. I hope you enjoy them!

Kareena Hammond

My name is Kareena Hammond. I like to work with a variety of mediums and find that I am always tinkering on or working on something. My current favorites are ceramics and recreating dolls. I took a wheel thrown ceramic class about 5 years ago and I fell in love with working with clay. I found the whole process to be very calming and therapeutic. After college I started working for UCP of Sacramento, which is a not for profit agency that cares for people with developmental disabilities. I worked with the clients in a day program and my favorite activity with the clients was working in the craft room. It was there that I was introduced to the process of slip casting. When something is slip casted you start off with very watery clay (think thick cream) and it is poured into a mold. It sits for 20 minutes filled with the clay, then the clay gets poured out. The mold then has to sit for at least 2 days before it can be opened up and you can remove your piece. When your piece comes out of the mold you can trim the piece and alter it in any way you want. Next, the piece has to be fired to remove the moisture from the clay. Now you have a bone white ceramic piece. The next stage is the decoration stage, I use an underglaze to add some of the more intricate designs to my pieces. Once the piece is glazed it has to be fired again to set the glaze. If it is not the way I like it then I add more detail and have it re-fired as many times as it takes until I have the piece the way I want it. The final step, is to add the clear coat glaze and have it fired one more time. The process is time consuming, but rewarding. My dolls are picked up wherever I can find them, thrift stores, and yard sales mostly. When I get them home I start the process of removing all their old stuff so they can be altered. The clothing normally gets dyed and I add embellishments. All the makeup has to be removed, along with the eyelashes and hair. Then I start painting them. Some of them get horror faces and others get a Dia De Los Muertos makeover. When their faces are done I clear coat the face and put the dolls back together with new hair, clothes and paint. From start to finish, each doll takes at least a week to finish. I love their uniqueness.

Kiefer Sommerfield

My name is Kiefer Sommerfield, and I am a first-year college student at Consumnes River College. In my artwork, I enjoy drawing mystical creatures with dark or macabre themes as well as angels. One of my main goals while drawing is to bring life to these creations by drawing them as realistically as I can, but in the background, I often become tempted by the elements of expressionism. Some of the ways I employ these elements are among my favorite things to paint, including starry nightscapes, amorphous forms, lanterns, clouds, and trees.

Lance Copeland

I am Lance Copeland and I’m a post contemporary figurative oil painter living in Sacramento, California. My collectors are diverse. They share in seeing the humanity in my artwork with all of its beauty and flaws. They seek the same layers of truth in art that I do. They want something of emotional beauty that they enjoy exploring. My path will always be challenging by my own choice. I am committed to making meaningful artwork exploring all the facets of what it is to be a human being.

Laurelin Gilmore

My subject matter can be somewhat varied, but the human figure has always been my touchstone. For me, the body is an endless study of form and light and warmth and color. I am, like most artists, drawn to all kinds of art, but I am most deeply inspired by artists that celebrate the body. As an instrument, as a subject, as a statement, as a symbol. The human in my artwork is generally some version of myself, and some version of the viewer if I’m doing my job right. My art looks at the place where separates meet, and explores through fantasy the experience of the would-be fence sitters as go-betweens, translators, and bridges between perspectives. I love the playful idea that these creatures would be perfect translators between humans and the rest of the species with whom we share our planet. But I hope the experience of the viewer isn’t limited to my viewpoint, my ideas, my perspective. The blending of species in my art is also about my experience as a person of multiple ethnicities, that there is beauty and power in being a rare combination. I think this is a concept anyone can relate to. Examined closely, every person is a rare combination. Ultimately my aim is to engage the viewer in a conversation that I begin and they finish. The populous of my imagination come with a hinted mythology and evident symbolism so that I have fun when I make them, and people are engaged when they look at them. I am always excited to hear the story my painting tells for someone else.

Matthew Smith

I grew up in Sacramento where I attended Casa Roble High School. I went to Sierra College then transferred to the University of California, San Diego. I lived in San Diego for three years and moved back to Sacramento in 2014 when my father was diagnosed with cancer. I decided to stay in Sacramento and build my life here, and now work for the State of California. I live in midtown and absolutely love the community. I'm fascinated by many things, including art, music, and sports.

Petra Vilkas

I am a fine artist that deals with themes of femininity, religion, and modern sex culture to explore our conflicted relationship with the female body and self worth. I was raised in Catholic school and my heritage is Lithuanian- in my adult life I have grown obsessed with learning about how these two influences have shaped me and the females in my lineage for both good and bad. I am peeling off layers of religious indoctrination and delving into my history to uncover themes of femininity and sexual power through the pagan religions that shaped my heritage.

Roberto Valdes

I was born in the small agricultural community of Yuba City, California on November 20, 1979. Since childhood, and as long as I can remember, art has always been an important part of my life. In high school, I participated in creating several murals as part of a beautification project for downtown Yuba City. This experience led me to understand the importance of utilizing art as a means of expression. In 2002, I graduated with two bachelor’s degrees at California State University, Sacramento – one in Art Studio and the other in Ethnic Studies (with an emphasis on Chicano Studies). After graduation, I had the opportunity to attend the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. At the Academy, I furthered my artistic studies in painting, figure drawing, color & design, computer animation, 3D modeling, and sculpture. As a Chicano artist, I am interested in creating cultural, historical, and political images that enable people to reflect on their own thoughts about the world and about themselves. My intent is to inspire people to learn more about the ideas that are expressed in my artwork. Anything else would be un-Chicano!

Shalin Huell

I was born and raised in Sacramento California. I have been a visual artist for as long as I can remember with my skills growing throughout the year. With my art I just want people to see how much color and beauty there is in every little thing.

Sheila Cameron

Artist and writer, Sheila Cameron, left mainstream entertainment to focus on art and family in 2005. Executive and producing positions at companies like HBO, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s LivePlanet, MTV, American Photo Magazine and gives her painting and digital engagement a unique perspective. She generated world-wide attention with the FREE KATIE site and t-shirts and broke down barriers between art worlds with her online only, solo show and auction, “Jerry Saltz Personally Invited Me to Hell and I’m going”. She received her BA in Fine Art and Writing from Loyola University in Maryland and continues explore the role of fine art in entertainment, social media and activism from her home studio in Nevada City, California. Although she is in Northern California now, she keeps personal and professional ties with Los Angeles, the city where she spent most of her life. Since the presidential election of 2017 she has used her skills to advocate for women's issues through Indivisible Women Nevada County and as organizer of The Women's March Sacramento. Fans and collectors have found engaging with Cameron online adds to their art buying experience. Often work will sell as she shares it in progress on Facebook and her eBay auctions always draw attention. She is a founding member of DANK a collective in Nevada City.

Shentel Persons

This self-taught visual artist began her artistry in Portland, Oregon in 2010, where she studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design but she is a San Francisco native, who has had a passion for art since childhood. Her acrylic paintings often portray African American women and their natural beauty, embodied with glitter, texture and color. Now, she’s becoming a familiar face in Citrus Heights & Sacramento, CA, where she’s been featured in various exhibitions and fundraisers, including Shades of Carmichael, The Banana Festival, and several Stellar Studios Bowl Making Events. Some of her vibrant Public Artworks are displayed on several Sacramento News & Review Newsstands, which can be found Downtown on J St. and on the campus of Sacramento City College. This year, she looks forward to participating in more public art projects and hosting more paint party events.

Stephen Kimball

Hello, my name is Steve Kimball, and am a Sacramento/Elk Grove area Blues musician and photographer. I have been performing on stage for over the last 4 years, and doing photography for the last 2 years.

Tom McKeith

I was born in Scotland, and moved to the USA at the age of 22 to study photography at the University of Connecticut. I later moved to California to study with Ansel Adams at his workshops on the West Coast. From 1980 until 1984 (the year he died), I was employed as an assistant at The Ansel Adams workshops in Carmel, California. Subsequently I attained a Masters in Fine Art Degree with a concentration in Photography from California State University at Fullerton. Upon receiving my Master’s Degree I took a teaching position in the Art Department at CSU Fullerton. At the same time I was also carving a niche for myself as an illustrator/exhibiting painter in the publishing world as well as the Los Angeles gallery scene. I later moved to Sacramento, to work as an editorial illustrator. I have continued to enlarge on my artistic visions, employing various media. My most recent venture is the use of the computer as a visual tool, employing my knowledge of photography, drawing and painting in the digital realm.

Shane Murphy

Seán Ó Murchadha is a Sacramento artist specializing in the surreal and macabre. His murals and artwork have been shown on the walls and in galleries of Sacramento and San Francisco, including both Art Hotel and Art Street projects. His work for Art Street currently resides in the Sacramento Central Public Library. 

Erin Denise

My 11 year old self, in 1994, started drawing circles in Math class to escape the confusing world of equations and word problems. I would fill page after page, finding peace in the repetitive. As an adult, the repetitive motion of painting circle after circle is still satisfying and relaxing. I love the challenge of filling the canvas with a shape extremely difficult to draw by hand. I love fitting the circles together, not knowing what will end up on the canvas. I love mixing symmetry in shape with the wild chaos of finger painted color. I love creating art that can be hung any way you want - you hang it the way it speaks to you.

Goldie Kwiker

Goldie Kwiker is a Sacramento based artist specializing in photography, visual and performance mediums. As a photographer working in documentary styles and personality portraits, she seeks to bring out the unique beauty of a subject and capture the truth of a moment. Her acrylic paintings evolved from a form of meditation, and incorporate techniques from classes and museums from around the globe. Goldie’s live presentations range from scripted theater and dance exhibitions to exploratory performance art.