First Festival


Sacramento's grass roots music festival

This application is your official submission to be considered as a comedy act for First Festival 2017. Please read the following information carefully, it is very important. Please note that we may not respond to this application. Incomplete applications may not be reviewed. We begin selecting comedy acts in January and will continue to look at comedy acts through April to fill additional lineup spots as pre-sale tickets increase. Because we receive hundreds of applications, if you are NOT selected, we may not notify you. You ARE welcome to email us and inquire at

  • We will begin inviting comedy acts in February of 2017. Please keep in mind that we make our selections based on several factors which include, but are not limited to: genre, lineup fit, style, professionalism, online presence. All submissions are viewed and considered (unless incomplete or we cannot easily access your material).
  • The 3rd Annual First Festival will be held on May 6th and 7th. If selected, your day and time will be assigned based on lineup/festival needs by April, 2017.
  • It is very important that you are responsive by email. If we can't get a hold of you, we can't book you! If you don't respond to our invite in a timely manner, we may fill your offer with another act.

First Festival features comedy acts that have roots in the Sacramento/ NorCal region.

All comedy sets are 10 minutes in duration.

First Festival is a relatively family friendly event. If your comedy would be considered raunchy, hyper controversial, or generally uses a significant amount of profanity, this may not be a good fit. We aren't proponents of censorship, but we definitely want to make sure that everyone at First Festival is comfortable. Thank you for understanding.

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I/We will pass out First Festival flyers, share the show on social media, and otherwise promote the event for at least 1 month leading up to the event.
Payment *
You will be given a packet of tickets to First Festival. You may sell these or give them away as a guest list. This will function as your payment. We're super grass roots and in order to keep First Festival alive and viable, we cannot offer up front cash payment this year. We appreciate your understanding and we hope that, if selected, you sell these tickets at full value in order to earn the biggest payment possible. Value of ticket packet will be disclosed upon booking. Will this be okay? (There are also snacks and beverages available backstage)
Guestlist *
I/We understand there will not be a formal guest list, but that we can give our tickets mentioned above away.
Please list where we can catch your future sets/shows